About Us

Future Image Corporation is one of the Leading Manufacturers Company of Barcode Ribbons, providing high quality & cost-effective Total Solution for office automation and IT products. We are largest exporters of Barcode Ribbons world wide

Some of the Barcode Ribbons are given below,

Wax Ribbons (Wax411E, Wax411P and Wax411JP)

Wax Resin Ribbons (WR-290, WR-390 and WR-490)

Resin Ribbons (Resin MK22 and Resin SD100)

We are the Leading Manufacturers Company of Barcode Ribbons in the Indian market. The ribbons manufactured here is of very fine quality. Due to our exceptional quality services & providing timely deliveries of our projects, we have gained an excellent name & fame in the National...